Thoughts for the day.

Thoughts for the day.

My job of choice is not for the lighthearted, and I often find it difficult to bounce back after talking with families that are currently going through the struggles of the end of life with a loved one in their care. I can honestly say, “I have been there” and that I know what deep pain we feel when watching someone we love so dearly decline and then pass away. We all realize the inevitable, and there is not a thing we can do about it. We give our unsurpassed by providing comfort, security, and, most importantly, our love. The confusion, pain, and emptiness felt the following weeks, months, and sometimes years when you have been the caretaker ultimately feels unbalanced and leaves us feeling emotionally drained. I often ask God why we must endure so much pain by suffering through a loss, and the answer comes as simple as the question. LOVE. Nothing more, nothing less.  If we did not know how to love, we would miss so many beautiful occurrences in life, and if we did not understand commitment, we would never feel secure or settled.

The inevitable will someday happen to each of us, and there is no perfect way to die. I have lost loved ones from sudden death, and I have lost loved ones from long term death, and I promise, the pain is equal. The heartache and longing are equal.                                                                                    

We receive phone calls at our business daily about our services, and I hear the voiced pain, and they are trying to get through these questions and answers with understanding, yet the reality of their call is the breaking point, and often feel they have been defeated. Before the end of our conversation, I will, in turn, ask them, “How is she/he? “Do you have hospice and family helping you?” and finally, “I know this is the hardest experience you are going through,” “how are you doing?” The relief is felt and heard, and the power in that is immeasurable.  A simple, genuine question, “How are you holding up” is a true concern and something each should have for every human we share our world with. It is not difficult to show we genuinely care. 

If you know someone currently caring for a loved one, pick up your phone and call them to inquire about how they are doing. Send a casserole or have a meal delivered because they have probably not eaten correctly or healthy for some time.  Sometimes it is the simplest measure to show our concern, love, and respect to another that has their world completely crashing in on them. Mostly, they need to know they are not alone in this and that we will be there for them.                        

“The love of one is a gift, but the love from a multitude is priceless.”  

 Anna Marie Foster

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